0-5 km Jarnac

On the river Charente, Jarnac is the home to the house of the world famous Courvoisier Cognac distiller which is well worth a visit. You can also hire canoes if you are feeling energetic or let the small pleasure boat take you on a short guided tour of the Charente. On the Ile de Madame you will find a lovely small park and an open air swimming-pool.
François Maurice Adrien Marie Mitterrand born in Jarnac (26 October 1916 – 8 January 1996) was a French statesman who was President of France from 1981 to 1995. Although at the moment he is probably more known because of the published letters to his mistress, bundled in the book ‘Lettres à Anne’.
You can visit his birth house, the museum, his buste and the cemetry.