Covid-19 measures

Our additional measures COVID-19

Update: July 17th, 2021

Your hosts are fully vaccinated.

From June 20, no more masks in the open air, but only in shops, markets, museums, etc.

From 21 July you will need a corona pass (sanitary pass with QR code) in France to visit cultural and leisure venues with more than 50 people (including events, theatres, cinemas, museums, amusement parks).

From August 1, this rule will also apply to indoor catering areas (including on the terrace), shopping centres of more than 20,000 m2 (not shops or supermarkets) and public transport (TGV, plane, long-distance buses).

We urgently advise you to read all the measures regarding entry to France, in the country of origin, so that you are not confronted with unpleasant surprises.

We expect a large number of guests again and full = full, so don’t wait too long with your reservation.

Last year we took the following measures during the summer period, the majority will remain.

We normally clean your room daily in the morning; however, we can imagine that you may not want this. We will discuss this with you on your arrival. Of course, we will ensure that you have enough towels, toilet paper, shampoo, etc. in your room.

Your breakfast is ready on your table in the communal breakfast area at the agreed time. You don’t share the same table should there be other guests.
On the day of your arrival, we ask you what you want for your breakfast, to avoid extra waste.

When we clean or preparing breakfast we will wear gloves and a face mask.
We are being extra attentive to hygiene to minimize the chance of infection of the COVID-19 virus.

Brochures need to be disinfected after use, so that’s why we don’t have them, but we have made an e-book for you, with all the sights and facts that the area offers. You can also find our tips and recommendations here. To get you in the holiday mood, we can already email the e-book to you. Please send your email to and indicate whether you would like to receive it in French, English or Dutch.
Our library is closed due to the same reason, please take your own book /e-reader with you.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask, that’s why we’re here for!